A Fair Refund Policy

We generally don't offer refunds once a job has been posted, but we know there's always extenuating circumstances.

Bad refund policies are infuriating. You feel like the company is just trying to rip you off. We never want our customers to feel that way, so our refund policy is simple: If you're ever unhappy with Crested Butte Jobs, for any reason, just contact [our support team][help] and we'll take care of you.

Examples of full refunds we’d grant.

  • If you just posted a job but decided you aren't happy with the service in the first 24 hours, we’re happy to take down the pots and refund the charge.
  • If you're truly unhappy with your experience during the life of a job post and we can't resolve the issue to your satisfaction, we're happy to issue a refund.

Examples of partial refunds or credits we’d grant.

  • If you posted a job, but a technical problem on our end caused problems during your post's run time preventing it from being viewable, we're happy to extend your post's expiration date or provide a pro-rated refund for the affected period of time.
  • If we had extended downtime (multiple hours in a day, or multiple days in a month) or you emailed customer service and it took multiple days to get back to you, we’d issue a partial credit to your account.

Get in touch

At the end of the day, nearly everything on the edges comes down to a case-by-case basis. Send us a note, tell us what's up, and we'll work with you to make sure you’re happy.

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