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Job Posts  

While we've kept it all fairly straightforward, here's some additional clarity around how the job posting process works.

How soon are job posts visible online?

Jobs are generally visible moments after you complete the checkout process. If your post isn't visible within a minute or so, send us an email, and we'll look into it.

How much of the job post do I need to fill out?

We've kept the required fields to a minimum, but in general, the more detail you add, the better it is for everyone. You'll end up saving time by fielding fewer and more qualified inquiries, and job seekers can save time by avoiding applying for jobs that aren't right for them.

Can we easily turn the post off once we find someone?

Absolutely. Expiration dates are fixed based on the data of purchase, but you can deactivate or reactivate job posts any time prior to the expiration date. So if you find the perfect team member the first week, you can disable the job post for the remainder so you don't need to continue field applicants. If that perfect match doesn't work out and the post hasn't expired, you can just as easily reactivate it.

Why do I have to include compensation information in the job post?

As of January 1st, 2021, Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act requires compensation employers to “disclose in each posting for each job opening the hourly or salary compensation, or a range of the hourly or salary compensation, and a general description of all of the benefits and other compensation to be offered to the hired applicant.” You can learn more about the act at Colorado.gov.

I'd like to add a piece information to the job post but don't see a field for it?

We've tried to be thorough, but we may have missed something really useful. For now, we recommend adding those details in the open text areas, but if you think we missed something important, send us an email, and we'll see about adding it as an additional option.

Billing & Prices  

Crested Butte Jobs accepts all major credit cards and processes payments securely through our payment processor, Stripe.

How much do job posts cost?

Our pricing page has everything you need to know about current pricing and what's included with job posts. We occasionally run special promotions, and the pricing page will always be updated with the current pricing.

Can I pay with another method?

Currently, we only accept credit cards through Stripe, but we are considering invoices or other options for bulk purchases if enough folks are looking for it. If so, send us an email.

Do you offer bulk discounts on job posts?

We do not currently offer bulk discounts, but it's something we're considering if there's enough demand. send us an email.

What is your refund policy?

Simply put, we try to keep it fair. In general, once the job post is live, we don't offer refunds, but we also know there's always extenuating circumstances. You can view our full refund policy, and send us an email if you have questions.

How secure is the payment processing?

In short, very secure. Our payment processor, Stripe handles everything. We get basic details about your credit card like expiration date and last four digits, but beyond that, we never see or touch your payment information in any way. Stripe handles everything for us.

Classifieds in Local Papers  

In addition to posting jobs on Crested Butte Jobs, we've added some tools to help make it as easy as possible to get estimates and post classifieds in local newspapers as well.

How does the classifieds functionality work?

Think of it as a helpful little tool. You compose your job post for the papers right here, and we'll estimate how much that job post would cost for each paper based on the number of words and duration.

After you check out and pay, we automatically generate and send you an easy-order email for the papers you selected. That email includes the text of your ad, an estimate, and your contact information. You can then edit and forward the email to each of the papers. Their final cost may vary slightly from our estimate, but it should be pretty close.

From there, you work with the paper the same as you would normally. They'll send you an invoice and take it from there.

Does it cost extra to use the classifieds easy-order service?

No. Think of it as an added bonus when creating a job post here. It's purely for your convenience and gives us an opportunity to promote the local newspapers and streamline the process of posting to multiple places a little.

How do I know when to expect the papers to publish the job post?

After checkout, you'll get a copy of the job post via email almost immediately. From there, it depends on how soon you forward it to the paper. (Or you can change your mind, not send the email, and not run classifieds in the paper.) You're under no obligation.

Submission Deadlines:

  • Crested Butte News: 12:00 PM on Tuesdays for publishing that Wednesday
  • Gunnison Country Times: 12:00 PM on Tuesdays for publishing that Wednesday
  • Gunnison Country Shopper: 12:00 PM on Tuesdays for publishing that Wednesday

I came up with a different word count. How do you calculate it?

It's not a simple word count based on spaces. For instance, our logic tries to count phone numbers as a single word even if you format it with spaces like '970 555 1234' and words separated by a '/' like 'live/work' get counted as two words while rates like '$20/hr' just count as one word. Similarly, most hyphenated words count as two words, but some common phrases like 'full-time' and 'part-time' are treated as a single word so you don't have to lean on abbreviations.

We've done a lot of work to ensure our estimates are as close as possible to the estimates you'd receive from the papers, but in some rare cases they can be off by a word or two.

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