A Job Board for the Gunnison Valley

Crested Butte Jobs is a small, family-run job site designed specifically for the challenges of connecting employees and employers in the Gunnison Valley where tourism, housing, and seasonality play an outsized role in the job market.

We've put in a lot of effort to design and build a job board just for the valley and done our best to create tool that serves employers and job seekers equally as well as including the local papers and classifieds as well. We hope folks find it helpful.

For Employers

We created Crested Butte Jobs to help with the hiring challenges in the Gunnison Valley. It gives you a way to create rich job posts and include key information to help pre-qualify candidates and reduce the amount of effort you have to spend reaching job seekers.

You can also easily generate, edit, and preview classifieds to run in the local papers. We automatically generate an estimate based on the word count and runtime so you can stay on budget. Save time and effort while maximizing your reach.

We've also built tools for job seekers to subscribe to automatic new job updates for relevant job posts. So when you post, you aren't just waiting for people to see it. We cross-reference the post with subscribers and send them emails about the jobs that match their primary criteria.

We're currently working on automated sharing to Facebook and Twitter as well. Until then, you can always use a custom short URL (like https://cbjob.at/acme, but you can customize the acme part of course) for your organization so you can easily share all of your job openings on your organization's own landing page.

For Job Seekers

We know finding a job in the valley isn't like finding a job elsehwere. Geography, seasonality, transportation, housing, and a variety of other factors present unique challenges. We can't directly solve tohse problems, but we've designed job posts to encourage employers to include as much information as possible so you can spend less time inquiring and more time applying for jobs that are the right fit for your life and professional experience.

We've also built tools so you can subscribe to alerts for relevant jobs. Only looking for a full-time role in Gunnison? No problem. We'll only send you emails for new jobs that match. Really like one particular organization and want to know about all their new jobs? You can do that as well.

Soon, we'll have social media accounts set up as well and push new job notifications there as well. In the end, hopefully it means less time sifting through jobs and more time finding that perfect one.

About Us

Crested Butte Jobs is run by Lauren and Garrett Dimon who live in Crested Butte with their two daughters, Bella and Hadley. (If you ever see us around the valley, say hello!)

The idea started after moving to Crested Butte and talking to friends who own businesses and run organizations in the valley. It seemed everyone was facing increasing difficulty finding help, and many businesses had to reduce their hours or shut-down. While the challenges stem from many areas, an online job board felt like it could be one small piece of the puzzle.

Garrett designed and developed the application, and Lauren runs the show day-to-day. In addition to Crested Butte Jobs, Lauren is involved with the Community School PTA, and you may have run into Garrett at Adaptive where he's a participant and occasionally volunteers to help however he can.

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